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Examinations and Consultations  for illness and injury, and for well-patient and senior checkups. Any vaccinations are chosen only after consultation with the owner about which are appropriate for that animal's lifestyle.  In an effort to avoid over-vaccination, the longest duration vaccines are chosen, and we do not recommend vaccination for low exposure situations.  For example, urban dogs are at increased risk for leptospirosis infection due to the rat presence, pets in day care and boarding are at increased risk for respiratory infections such as influenza  and bordetella , and dogs who spend time in the country are at increased risk for tick borne diseases. We treat each patient as an individual, and always honor  the owner's preferences, including using titer tests as alternatives for certain innoculations.

Medical Treatment   for conditions requiring knowledge of cardiology, dermatology, gastroenterology,eye and ear disease, neurology and behavior problems. Laboratory testing and xrays available on site, with in-house biochemical analyses for urgent cases.

Surgical Procedures including routine soft tissue surgery (eg. spay, neuter, declaw, tumor removal) and orthopedic surgery.

Dental Care for rabbits with malocclusion problems,  and for dogs and cats  with dental disease at all stages .      

Specialist Consultations on site for orthopedic and complex soft tissue surgery cases, as well as ultrasound and endoscopy performed by a specialist rather than a staff doctor. Echocardiograms and EKGs are available to evaluate the heart.

Rabbit Medicine and Surgery and care of exotics such as guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas and ferrets. Dr. Campbell and Dr. Levison are recommended veterinarians by the House Rabbit Society.  Visit the website for Dr. Campbell's videos on rabbit care. 

International Travel Certificates. Symphony Veterinary Center has on staff two USDA certified veterinarians who are qualified to prepare animals for all international travel destinations.