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Rebecca Campbell, DVM - Veterinarian 

Dr. Campbell is the managing veterinarian of Symphony Veterinary Center. She earned her undergraduate degree at Harvard University, her veterinary doctorate at Tufts University, and she completed her post doctoral internship in smal animal medicine and surgery at the University of Pennsylvania.   She is a member of the  American Veterinary Medical Association, and the House  Rabbit Society and has USDA certification.  She performs a wide range of surgical procedures in addition to practicing internal medicine for cats, dogs and rabbits. She is kept busy managing the practice,  and  tending her patients both large and small. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, son, and stepchildren, and currently their house is ruled by two cats, two chinchillas, and a small dog with a brain tumor and a hole in her heart!


Jaime Venezia, DVM - Veterinarian

Dr. Venezia earned her bachelor’s degree in exercise science at The George Washington University, her master’s degree in public health at Rutgers University, and her doctorate in veterinary medicine at Cornell University. She then went on to study comparative medicine as a postdoctoral fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she published on her research. Outside of work, she is an avid runner, having completed several marathons and numerous road races. She is also a dedicated practitioner of Bikram Yoga and works at her studio in her spare time. Dr. Venezia grew up just outside of New York City, enjoys the city life, and is excited to now be practicing at Symphony.




Deborah Levison, VMD - Veterinarian

Dr. Levison earned an undergraduate degree in biopsychology from Tufts University and a doctorate in veterinary medicine from the University of Pennsylvania.  She completed a rotating internship in small animal medicine and surgery at the Animal Medical Center in Manhattan. As a native New Yorker, she enjoys practicing on the Upper West Side.  She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the House Rabbit Society and has USDA certification.  She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and daughter.

Megan McGlinn, VMD - Veterinarian

Dr. McGlinn completed her doctorate at University of Pennsylavania School of Veterinary Medicine  and her post doctoral internship at the Animal Medical Center in Manhattan. She works part time at Symphony  and lives in Manhattan. Her cats have had so many exotic medical problems that she has seen numerous challenging cases without even leaving home!



Dr. Coral Ma, DVM - Veterinarian

Dr. Ma earned an undergraduate degree in biology from University of California, Berkeley, and a doctorate in veterinary medicine from Tufts University. She completed a rotating internship in small animal medicine and surgery at Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners here in NYC. She grew up in sunny California, but has fallen in love with all New York has to offer. She currently lives in Queens with her sassy cat, Aria, who is constantly up to all sorts of trouble. She is excited to serve the animals and their humans, on the Upper West SIde.






Juan Aguirre, D.M.V., LVT

Juan has worked for twenty five years in New York City. He earned his doctoral veterinary degree in Ecuador and worked there briefly before settling in NYC. He is a licensed veterinary technician.

Jacqueline Jacobs - Reception

Jacqui has lived between the Bahamas and New York all of her life. Her passion has always been to work with animals. She currently lives with her husband, two amazing kids, as well as a Rottweiler mix- Apollo and Blue Nose Pitbull,-Skyler.  Jacqueline is very excited to be part of the Symphony family.

Erick Rodriguez - Veterinary Assistant

Erick is a NY native with a love for companion and exotic animals alike. He has experience rooted in NY city's shelters, aquarium, wildlife rehabilitation center, and the Bronx Zoo. Erick hopes to one day become a veterinary technician for a zoo working with wildlife conservation. He currently lives in the Bronx with his crested gecko, and in his free time enjoys yoga, bouldering and cheerleading.

Faith Reber - Reception

Faith comes to Symphony from Oakland, California. There she worked with Cat Town Cafe, America's first cat cafe, rescuing at risk felines. She is currently pursuing a degree in nutrition and hope to one day work in the field of zoological nutrition.

Maria Pena - Veterinary Medical Staff

Maria was born in Colombia and has loved animals as long as she can

remember. She began work at the age of 16, in a vet's office. She has a beautiful German Shepherd and a small Shih Tzu mix. She is working on getting her veterinary technician's license and currently lives in Washington Heights. Maria loves to run

and read in her free time.

Holland Blankenship - Veterinary Assistant

Holland graduated from Stony Brook University with a bachelor's degree in biology.

She has worked with a variety of animals all her life, from numerous childhood pets to wildlife rehabilitation. She is very excited to make working at Symphony her next step towards attending vet school for wildlife medicine. She currently lives in Manhattan with two rescued greyhounds and six pet rats.


Derek Baer - Veterinary Medical Staff

Derek has been working extensively in shelter surgical envirornments, and

has avian and canine companions at his home in Brooklyn.  He is working at Symphony as well as at the ASPCA mobile surgical service, and enjoys all sorts of

music as well as juggling!

Jillian T. Spielman, LVT, CVT  - Hospital Manager

Jillian comes to Symphony Veterinary Center after managing an emergency critical care hospital in Michigan for almost 10 years and a specialty hospital in Connecticut for two years. She obtained her license in Veterinary Technology from St. Petersburg College in Florida and has spent 20 years as a wildlife rehabilitator. Currently she is working on her CVPM and OHR to further her skills as a veterinary hospital manager.

A mother of two grown daughters, Jillian also has a golden retriever named Jasper. Outside of work she enjoys NYC, hiking, gardening and cooking.

Sigrid Forsythe - Reception

Sigrid grew up in Sonoma, California, working for her dad's veterinary hospital since she was old enough to clean a cage. As she grew, she worked her way from kennel attendant, to vet assistant and finally receptionist. Sigrid moved to New York for acting school and is now currently pursuing her theater dreams. She feels so fulfilled working with animals and being in a familiar vet hospital environment once again.


Anya Johnston -Anya is a true New Yorker with a passion for animals big and small. She has volunteered at several medical facilities, including MSKCC and AMC. She has had a series of great cats, but hopes for a dog in the future. She

started at Symphony as a volunteer, and is now happy to be part of the crew!


Mechelle Lustre - Reception

Mechelle majored in wildlife biology at Keystone College in Pennsylvania. She aspires to one day have a rehabilitation center for wild animals and to educate children on how to preserve our ecosystems and make a difference. She was born and raised in Washington Heights and in her spare time loves to go on hikes with her Foxhound pup, do creative makeup looks and dance merengue.

Katherine Bingham - Veterinary Assistant

Katherine is originally from Westchester, New York. She graduated from Skidmore College having studied biology and psychology. Before working at Symphony, she worked at an avian and exotics animal hospital. Katherine loves working with animals and is looking forward to hopefully attending vet school in the future.